oceanic insanity

Oceanic Insanity Official Music Video

This is the official music video for Insanity by Oceanic.

Insanity was also know as ‘Dream Tripper’ ‘Dream Tripping’ which were variations of Jorinde’s lyrics that club-goers latched onto. People also knew it as ‘Take Me Away’ and many other names, but it all meant the same, ‘Insanity’.

The song entered the U.K. charts at 21 in 1991 and had a run of 4 months in the top forty. It stayed in the top 10 for almost three months, peaking at number 3 and staying there for 3 weeks. By the end of the year Insanity had sold enough copies to place in the top 10 best selling songs of the year at number 9.

Insanity started life in the Rave scene in the North West of England on a short run promo 12″, most notably in Warrington at Legends, where it was championed by Nipper and Woody. After over half a year in the clubs Insanity was signed and released by Dead Dead Good records and went on to be a massive commercial success.

To this day Insanity remains one of the biggest and best Rave Anthems ever and the biggest dance tune for the summer of 91.

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